Museum display work

Sea Henge exhibition, Kings Lynn museum 2009
Kelvingrove museum and gallery, Glasgow 2006

Simon is a freelance artist and engineer who specialises in steel display mounts and structures, produced for large or awkward objects and complicated displays.


Mount making is a very particular art. It is always the case that an object mount should be as discreet and elegant as possible. It should be stable, structurally sound and provide appropriate support to the object.


The "New Century Project" at the Kelvingrove museum and art gallery in Glasgow was an 8 year project that came to it's conclution in 2006. It represented a complete refurbishment of the building and redisplay of it's collections as well as new and traveling displays. Here is a snapshot of some of the displays Simon was committioned to create.

The "Sea Henge" exhibition at Kings Lynn is the display of a circle of 56 oak posts and a large "Central Stump" that where recovered from a beach near Kings Lynn after being exposed by encroaching tides.

The Central Stump, 2 tons in weight and standing 2.5 meters tall, is an oak tree stump dating from 2500bc and was found standing inverted at the centre of the circle of posts. 

Following over a year of drying and preservation work at the Mary Rose Trust at Portsmouth, Simon was awarded the commission to create a display  mount and install the central stump in the exhibition.


Royal Institute,
London 2008
Riverside Museum, Glasgow 2010

During the refurbishment of the Royal Institute a dynamic display of a collection of scientific instruments, known as the spottiswood collection, was required to hang from the ceiling of the new cafeteria area. 

This spiral display frame was created by Simon, with individual object mounts by Tony Jones.

Dubbed Glasgow’s answer to the Guggenheim, the £74 million wave-shaped Riverside Museum, designed by acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid, is the new home of the city’s transport museum and opened on 21st June 2011. In the first three months since opening its launch, the museum attracted more than 750,000 visitors.

Simon received the commission for the "special mounts" package and spent 18 months in Glasgow creating new displays for the museum.

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