Simic Braziers

Simic Braiziers are designed to be a sculptural and functional addition to your garden or patio. They will enhance your outdoor space all year round whether in use or not. Each Brazier is handmade to order and will last for decades without intervention.

Simic Globe
Simic Spira
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Made from solid steel with their distinctive tubular top ring, new braziers are supplied as bare new steel, these illustrated here have all been used and weathered outside. The pleasing and tactile finish is achieved by applying an occasional coat of "owatrol" oil or wax can also be used to good effect. This finish is purely aesthetic, they can be used and left without any maintenance.

Each Brazier is supplied with a steel mesh basket liner. A very fine mesh is used as it retains all hot embers allowing a good heart to the fire to develop and only lets powder ash fall through to the ground beneath.

As a result these mesh liners will need replacing every 2 - 4  years depending on use. Prices for replacements are listed.

 Please note * 

British courier firms are now excluding larger and more awkward items from their deliveries. As a result the larger of my braziers now travel by freight transport whos prices vary between regions. For these items I have displayed an average uk delivery price and marked with an astrix, please contact me for a accurate price for your post code.

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