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My sculpture work is a broad mixture of conceptual gallery pieces, figurative and abstract, kinetics, and found object constructions. 


Humour plays a strong part in my work; because I enjoy it, and because of all the emotions I feel it is possibly the most constructive method of communication. 

I sometimes get wrapped up in contemplations about the meaning of a thing, and other times will be happy to make no attempt at analysis and like something just for what it is. But I don’t think that what I think should make any difference to you.

If a piece of art has any meaning, to anyone, it is out of the control of the artist and solely in the eye of the beholder, and that meaning will be uniquely pertinent to that person.

For me, the point of art is not intrinsic with topic, form, style or motivation, but is an opportunity to break from the everyday and the functional. It is an excuse to stand and contemplate.

It is a distraction that should allow us to return to our lives with fresh eyes and good humour.


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