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Kelvingrove museum and art gallery, Glasgow 2006
Dug-out canoe display

This dug-out canoe, dateing from 1000 bc, was recovered from the silt bed of a lowlands loch.

Being in very fragile condition it was imperative that its mount provided precise support at each piont of contact. In order to accomplish this the cradle arms incorporate a screw adjustment that allowed  each to be set exactly during final instalation of the object.

Dumbuck ladder display

The "Dumbuck" ladder, also dateing from 1000bc and recovered from a lowlands loch. The ladder is carved from a solid piece of timer.

The object is in extreamly fragile condition and required support along it's whole length. This was acheved by producing a mount that followed the contours of the object meticulously.

Egypt exhibition
Stone mounts

The Egypt exhibition at the Kelivingrove is currently on loan from the British Museum, and accordingly all mountmaking and instalation was overseen by BM staff.

Other mounts / displays
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