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 - Fleeting moment

 - Meta-mechanical kinetic sculpture / steel, timber

 - 3250h x 3000w x 1500d


 - £8500

Winner of the peoples choice award.

Herefordshire fine art summer exhibition 2013

Fleeting Moment



At the waking of a day

As sunrise teases dawn

Upon us, come what may

A fresh and bright new morn`


A day to labour, a day to toil

A day to love, a day to foil

The slipping by of time

 Within this mortal coil


But all seem much the same

The flowing sands of time

So many we have tamed

Alarm bells start to chime


Ringing in the ears

Reminding us what’s right

Dispelling all our fears

Giving strength for flight


Now this one feels so different

With thought it is unique

This one is like no other

Today we seek the peak


Try to find what’s different

On this individual day

Why this particular moment

Has a strange familiar way


This current little fragment

Of our allotted clock

This point of slight division

Between past and future docks


Then fleeting inspiration

On the breeze blows how

This moment I’m aware of

Is quite simply now


S Meiklejohn  2012

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