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Everything you do is a self portrait.

What you do, and how and why you do it, all say something about who you are.

I have always been a maker, and over many years and occupations a meandering course led me to the art that I make today and the thinking behind it. The purpose of this website is of course to show and sell my artwork, but to do that you may first like to know a little of who I am.

As a teenager I trained as a mechanical engineer, I have worked in factories as a maintenance fitter, a supervisor and a manager, I have been a machinist and a fabricator, made double-glazing and cleaned windows, dealt scrap metal and restored vintage cars, built custom vehicles and displayed many precious museum objects.

Through these jobs and life’s experiences I found looking back, that I was looking for something that fulfils every aspect of me. For me Sculpture does that, it gives me the practical challenge of making, it allows me to be serious, silly, fun and clever, it is a quest for beauty and expression in form, it allows me to put form and quality alongside function; and it allows me to express my interests, concerns and questions.

Finding art was one of those happy accidents, I had no background in it or knowledge of it. When I enrolled for a fine art degree in Middlesbrough in my late twenties it was a blind leap of faith, I was an outsider and in many ways feel I still am. It then took another twenty years to find the place I’m in today and I will always be looking for that next step.

I am concerned with many aspects of modern life, how we live and function as a community, and where our values lie, and want to speak of these concerns through my work. I work by myself in a rented workshop on a farm in Herefordshire UK, and my conceptual work takes a huge amount of my time, it is for it's own sake and is not conceived as a commercial exercise.

Being able to take on other work to earn a living means my artwork can be completely for it’s own sake. Under the section ‘other work’ you will find many things that are not strictly art. Past work, my range of garden braziers and barbecues, and architectural or museum commissions I still occasionally take on.

Along side my conceptual art work you will also find my written work, that is designed to be complimentary, and will give an insight to my thinking behind each piece. Writing is becoming a greater part of what I do and I plan to soon start a blog that you will be able to follow, watch this space.

I am also the founder and director of the Vulgar Earth Artists Collective, who present free group exhibitions open to the public, that are strongly influenced by our social, political and environmental concerns, thoughts and passions.

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