Artist  Engineer  Maker

Original sculpture - bespoke steelwork

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Please note, with my apologies this website has become a little out of date, I'm currently finding that there are not enough hours in the day to keep everything up to date !! Some of my more current work can be viewed on my Vulgar Earth web site, this artists collective has become my main focus at the present. I hope to do more work on this site soon, thank you.

When our love for nature is abundant, but a desire to ‘save’ it is stifled by a conditioning  that distracts us with endless consumption and expansion, a re-evaluation of our priorities and of our perspective on life is required. 


7 artists take a thought provoking and emotionally charged look at the beauty and vulgarity of human relationships with the natural world and our current disassociation from it.


When we see our impact on the world in isolated sound bites we feel a fleeting outrage, yet fail to absorb the scale of our effect. As a tool for communication art has the advantage of not relying solely on the limitations of language and intellect, but can impart a lasting emotional realisation of a truth that may be hidden from waking consciousness.  


In bringing together these images and forms, that are the emotional responses of various artists, a small immersive world is created, a world where emotion, language and intellect focus the viewer and attempt to isolate the distractions of modernity.

The intention of this exhibition is to create this focus and to use it to further contemporary discussions on the direction of humanity and the individuals place within it.

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